About Us
Who we are

We, ZUgO , started as an R&D team for leading brands. Now, we have more than 500 sets of tooling on sites to support customer’s design. We have join-ventured factories in Taiwan and China to support high-run products in high quality. For years'experience, ZUgO has brought many of our customers’ ideas to life. For a Zero-time-different, ZUgO e-commerce platform works 24hr in a day to grow your business. Let us win the future together!!

What made us different

2 Inspection Centers
All of the samples and shipments in ZUgO will be inspected by tiPO LAB who owned 2 LABs located in Taiwan and China since 2000.
Customers may download the inspection report & pictures from ZUgO platform before delivery.

2 Consolidation points
Your shipments from any corner in Asia will be consolidated in Taiwan or HK, and deliver to your warehouse in the worldwide.
We are able to cooperate with any of your forwarder to achieve this complicated logistic management. ZUgO helps to save your time and money.

1 After-sales Service window only.
ZUgO takes care of after-sale service. We take care of your entire problems including the system integrating issue. You only need to contact with us. No need to face to different factories. This is what other Medias or platforms hardly do.
ZUgO is your sole window for After-Sale service. We are always here to support you.

1 TQA Policy
“Quality is dominated by design, not only auto production line”.
ZUgO implemented TQA (Total Quality Assurance) with tiPO LAB together from R&D to After-Sale Service. It makes sure the right design, right material, right process, and right product outputted. Different suppliers have different quality policies. We have over 2000 factories here, but only 1 policy—TQA. Our purpose is to achieve the following goals.
To achieve cost down at the same or higher quality always.
To prevent extra quality cost and give you an easy life.
To reduce the e-waste and be good for earth.

Your best B2B Partner

What a B2B partner can do today? Just sourcing or pricing? We can do more ...

First, ZUgO provided you “Honest” in our service and products.
Secondly, ZUgO provided train-service of verification and inspection, efficient consolidation and after-sale service, except the products sourcing and price. ZUgO is your sister division located in Asia and service you 24hrs a day. No any other B2B can support you as much as ZUgO does.

With years of OEM design experience, ZUgO is able to provide 3D printed samples for customer’s initial evaluation before tooling open. It eliminates designs in failure and blind spots. For automotive customers, we well-understand your quality requirement: defect rate less than 10ppm and specific packing design for transportation. We are taking care of the details for you.

In short, ZUgO - your best B2B Partner
We provided the Good Quality.
You may enjoy a Good Life in business.
Let us reduce the e-waste and be Good for Earth.
“Good Quality, Good Life, Good for Earth“