Today, the COVID19 confirmed case overtops 5.5 million in the worldwide.In 2020 March, we developed the Reusable Face shield to our friends and customer in Europe/America, since medical mask were forbidden to export out of Taiwan. We had donated a large qty at that moment, and got a lot of emails and Thanks with tears from our dear friends in Europe and America.

    It’s a joy to know our Reusable Face shield did work and protect people. So, we decided to upload this product here for sale and offer price lower then disposable Face shield, in order to help more people.

    Taking care of yourself is a help for doctors and nurses!
    Protect Ourselves, at mean time, Protect our Earth!

    Moreover, with our security background, our team also developed out A AI Human Body Thermal scanning system. It’s including IP Camera I Human Body Thermal IP Camera and Thermal Intelligent Video Analytics NVR. It did a big help for school and commercial build here. It manages people flow, alarm the one with fever of spec as defined (37.5C° or 38C°).

    More products to against the COVID19 Pandemic will come soon, here. Stay Safe, my friend!