3 Years Warranty for all CCTV surveillance and ZigBee Smart House solution! Up today, so many famous & historical buildings still remain the analog surveillance devices with hundreds of reasons. We understand your needs. For creating a best security environment, you need a latest surveillance system that can support the analog and Digital HD surveillance in coordinating. It won’t be allowed any parts missing in the recording while system upgrading.

    Smart home system not only prevents the criminals/secures your property, but also provides a comfortable living environment aggressively. The application is covering House, office, Hotel, Office, retails, and Agriculture etc.

  1. Surveillance Solution
  2. 1.1 IP/ HD CCD Camera series and AHD CCTV cameras series
    1.2 NVR / DVR and high quality hybrid DVRs and All in one DVR
    1.3 Full range coaxial or LAN cable, connector, adaptor, Balun to support & to intergrade Digital IP/ HD and AHD solution.
    1.4 Application
    1.4.1 Surveillance system : Redundant solutions consisting of a switch, LAN, HDD, recorder with power adaptor.
    1.4.2 Linked with your Smart phone:
    Get video notifications within 5 seconds on your smart phone when any sensor triggers an alarm-in event of IP camera or recorder.
    1.4.3 Vehicle safety System : All in on video recorder(Car DVR), 4-8channel mobile DVR, and all kindly of camera for Vehicle.
    1.4.4 Cloud Network solution.
    1.4.5 Intrusion Alarm system, Video phone, IP public address system. Wi-TDM.

  3. Zigbee Smart House Solution
  4. 2.1 Home Detector system: To alarm/prevent intrusion from outside of house and get a help in the first second.
    2.1.1 To linking with your LAN with Wi-Fi router, Wi-Fi gateway, 2.4G modules.
    2.1.2 Motion Intrusion Detector. Door open/close sensor, Glass sensor, vibration sensor, Strobe Siren, and Panic Remote Control.
    2.1.3 Smart phone APP - Sentrol Cloud for an easy programing, monitoring and tracking.
    2.2 ZB life detector system: to shoot the troubles inside the house.
    2.2.1 Smoke Detector. Combustible Gas Detector, Air quality Detector, CO2 detector, CO detector, flood and water leakage detector
    2.2.2 Automation Do/Undo parts, such as Smart meter plug. Gas block, light & Curtain Switches, lighting dimmer and Power meter Extension.
    2.2.3 Smart phone APP - Sentrol Cloud for an easy programing, monitoring and tracking.