RoHs & Halogen free cable only. Special for Medical cables, they are produced in clean room. Our LAN cables meet UL1685 - Vertical flame test for 20minutes. You may refer our video in YouTube.

  1. Cable:
    • 1.1 Copper line:
    • The cable provides you with a large range of features, they are,
    • 1.1.1 Round cable , flat cable, Flexible flat cable:
    • 1.1.2 From signal AWG#64 up to power code AWG#8, solid/Stranded.
    • 1.1.3 The construction from single wire to multi-pair, twisted shielded to group shielded.
    • 1.1.4 All of our cables meet Rosh. Halogen cable can be provided.
    • The application: Medical cable, LAN cable, Industrial controlling cable, Data transmission & storage, RF coaxial.
    • 1.2 Fiber Optic:
    • It provided Light-speed and 1000 time DATA transmission volume of copper line at a Zero lost condition.
    • 1.2.1 We have indoor, outdoor. SM/MM, pair or group,
    • 1.2.2 They can be massage wire, drop wire and direct buried...etc.
    • 1.3 Hybrid Medical cable
    • The application of Hybrid cable focused on Medical application. All of Hybrid cables are produced in certificated Clean room.
    • 1.3.1 Various material, such as Teflon TPE, PPE etc.
    • 1.3.2 In construction, The Fiber mixed with Copper and Tube.
    • 1.3.3 This is Customer Design only products. For this series, PLS must send your drawing and inquiry for developing. Thanks!