We support you all kind of PCB, and PCB assembly materials such as plastic or metal. Except that, for your case, Metal hardware and Plastic material/ hardware can be found here too. All of the PCB belongs to OEM customer design, we only show some products on the platform for your understanding. For all of your inquiry of PCB and assembly, we accept Low- Quantity inquiry, even just pilot run samples. PLS send your inquiry by email.

    PCB & Others:
    1. Our PCB product line is including Rigid, Semi-Rigid and Flex PCB in Rigid, mainly in Semi-rigid and Flex PCB.
    2. Flex PCB assembly with SMT components on board, or solder parts on board.
    3. Key Pad or switch with 10 layers of circuits can be made in small qty.
    4. Others material: Copper, Plastic and Metal
    4.1 Copper: Copper wire, copper strip, copper foil and recycle copper parts.
    4.2 Plastic for PCB assembly, plastic injection parts, Plastic case, and EVA foam products.
    4.3 Metal : Metal hardware, stamping parts, and conductive film (hazy or smooth film).

    Almost all items here belong to OEM project. We accept small quantity and offer a short lead time, PLS take a chance on us by sending your inquiry.